Risen from the Grave. I'm Back!

11:15 PM

I figured since October is upon us, I can't keep telling myself that I will get to this before the year ends, as the end is fastly approaching. As there is no better time than October to make a corny 'raising from the dead joke,'  I thought now was fitting to say that yes I have indeed risen from the grave. I'M BACK BABY! So here is my little note to what 2017 has given me so far...

 Dear the past 9 months,

You've been a lot, emotionally, mentally and physically. But you have taught me to keep going to matter what, take crap from no one and take Senior year by the reigns and make it yours. You need a kick in the but sometimes to get yourself out of your slump and make something for yourself. You needed to find the fire that has always burned within you and channel it into productivity instead of idle talk. Do what scares you, and then take it three steps forward, that is where you find who you are and who you can be. It's not easy, and sometimes it's not fun, but nothing that was ever worth it came easy now did it?

So this part of the journey is for you, for those that said you can't ( yourself included) those who doubt your talent, skill, and intellect. THose who think that this is stupid because they just don't understand. To those who walked out of your life, show them the wonderful person they no longer have in their court.

So this is my promise to my self and the handful of followers ( I LOVE YOU) that read my ramblings, I am here for real this time, all hands in, ready to product content, quality and the glimpse of real life for those of you that wish to follow and join me in my journey.  This is a labor of love, one that requires patience ( something I need to work on), honesty, dedication, passion and support.  With this, I re-welcome you to my corner of the internet. I hope you come and stay awhile.

Lots of Love,


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