Happy Sunday Bookworms

11:57 AM

Happy Sunday Morning Bookworms,

I hope everyone has finally settled into their routine now that school as started for everyone.
I am finally back at school and reunited with me friends and as happy as ever. I hope everyone reading this feels the same way. I am currently sitting at my relatively clean desk waiting for my roommates to wake up so that we can all make pancakes and eat together, our favorite tradition so far.

I have been trying to write something for about 3 weeks now but school hit hard and fast and I was just focused on keep myself with two feet firmly on the ground. Mt schedule is still crazy, but I have finally found that balance between school work, free time and my other activities.

So here is my promise to you for this new, bright and unmarked school year. I will post on Sunday's and have all intentions of filming a video on Thursday ( nothing fancy, just using my laptop camera) I've wanted to film for so long and decided that if I keep waiting for the right time, there will never be one, so you make one.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Lots of Love,


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