Spring Cleaning- Makeup Edition

4:17 PM

Good Afternoon Bookworms!

I have survived the semester and have seen the light on the other side. And with that light, I saw the desperate need to clean everything when I got home and was met with the horror of the amount of stuff I had accumulated in a year at school.

I, with a little shame, had two full bags full of makeup, skincare, haircare and beauty accessories. I sat down and dumped everything out and began sorting it all out. I had the products I used on daily or weekly basis. Then I had the products that I had been given to try, and products I only use for special occasions ( like my bright red Ruby Woo lipstick) and then I had a pile of stuff I rarely used or barely used.  This got me thinking when I realized I had a tone of amazing products that I had forgotten about and needed to explore them again. With this got me thinking about a no buy summer for makeup products, unless I and replacing something I use on a regular and frequent basis.

So I propose the same challenge to my followers. I challenge you to go through the rest of the spring and or summer and not buy any makeup, and in return, share some forgotten makeup items you have rediscovered. Think of it as shopping at Casa de you, just without hurting your bank account. I want to see what you have rediscovered, so tag me in a picture on instagram with the products you have rediscovered and use the hastag #bookwormwithstyle and I'll check out what you have be loving again.

Thanks for reading! I have more posts for you to come!

Lots of Love,


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