12:12 PM

Hello Bookworms,

It has been about 2 months since I've written to you guys and I apologize for that.

The reason is that in college, you will have those months where its a never ending snow ball of stuff to do, from exams, to homework to seeing your friends and family and the silly things like showering and eating. Throw in a Spring Break and Midterms and you wind up with a two month absence and a moment of realization that it has indeed been two full months of silence.

So, that is my reason for being quite, but that was part of my point of the this blog to begin with, I want to talk to people who are going through college and have jam-packed schedules. But I'm back now and ready to talk to you all for a bit.

I received 2 new VoxBoxes, so I have some reviews for you guys once I get a little more time to use the products. One was from L'oreal and another was from Maybelline.

I also have a few words of wisdom to share with you.

1. Acceptance is a form of strength

2. Love is a weapon, its as dangerous and persuasive as magic

3. Never loose your sense of adventure, wonder and belief in magic 

4. It's ok to miss someone, it's your hearts way of reminding you that you have the capacity to care, the capacity to be human

5. Every storm cloud has a silver lining

6. Music can heal what cannot be mended with medicine 

It was nice to be able to log back on after what feels like an eternity. I will be back real soon with more updates. Until then, Happy Spring and hope for warmer weather, spring showers and flowers. 

Lots of Love,


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