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Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! I'm sitting in my dorm room typing this during my study break, trying to stay warm from the freezing cold weather outside. I have my Fall Break this upcoming weekend, which means a few days of relaxation and hopefully more updates. But, I figured I would put out my most recent installment of Weekly Wisdoms to give you all something to read until then.


1. Always try to do something, even if its only an hour a week, that you enjoy. You don't have to be good at it, it doesn't have to be popular, but don;'t deny yourself an hour of sanity of fun. Every single one of you has a lot on their plate, so take some time to forget everything you need to do and just enjoy yourself, just for a little bit.

2. Relationships are messy, but that doesn't mean they won't be worth it, wether they last or not.

3. Never feel bad or let someone make you feel bad for caring about someone

4. Always stay humble

5. If you try your best, then don't beat yourself up about the outcome. Take what happened and learn from it

6. Sometimes you just need to be together with your friends, with bagels and coffee, making homemade face masks and coloring princess coloring pages to help you relax on a Saturday.

Talk to you all really soon! Stay warm and be happy!

Lots of Love,


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