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Happy Monday Morning Bookworms!

     I know its Monday, and its gross outside (it is current 46 F outside and miserable, but at least the sun is shining) but it's a new week with new possibilities. 
I have been super busy (which I know I say a lot but I really mean it when I say it) but here are a few things I have learned in my absence. 

1. There will be those things that will kick you in the ass, so just turn around and kick them back

2. A step in the right direction may be small, but it it still progress

3. Never underestimate what a friend will do, it make be as simple as sending you a funny picture or as extreme as driving 10 hours just to spend a night with you, no matter the magnitude, they are all acts of love, so never take them for granted

4. It's ok to be spoiled, it's NOT ok to be a spoiled brat

5. Oreos are delicious but they can also chip ceiling paint, so when throwing them to your roommates, proceed with caution

6. Your roommates are there for you for everything, so make sure to thank them every once and a while 

7. Try and do something for someone, it not only makes you feel better, but it helps those in need tremendously, and it doesn't need to be extravagant, it could simply be sending a few dollars towards a local or national cause

Hope everyone has had a good start to their week, I will be back hopefully tomorrow with another post. Talk to you all soon. 

Lots of Love,

Feel free to email me about any questions, comments, inquiries or love letters at: bookwormwithstlye13@gmail.com

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