6:38 PM

Happy Sunday Morning Bookworms!

I hope everyone has had a good few weeks since I last updated. To my college bookworms, I hope everyone is well adjusted and enjoying their college life. To my high school/middle school bookworms, I hope the first week has gone by smoothly.

To explain my absence, I have been just running around getting stuff done to start my semester, and boy have the past two weeks flown by.

Now, hopefully, since the running around for the most part is over, I hope to truly update more often, and my roommates even said they would be ok and willing to participate in videos, should I find the time to film and edit one, so that's good news!

For the time being, here are some Weekly Wisdoms for you all to read and think about while I start my homework and hopefully make a schedule that allows me to update more.


1.You don't need letters to say you are a part of a sisterhood, you just need your friends who make you feel like you are worth a million bucks

2. Everything in life, to some degree, has to do with politics, the quicker you realize that, the easier life will be and you will understand so much more

3. Retail therapy actually does work

4. Even when you think nothing will go right, there will be a moment, where everything that felt wrong, suddenly goes the way you want, and everything falls into place

5. You don't have to be best friends with your roommates, despite popular belief, but it is honestly one of the best things in the world if they are 

6. Life live, one day at a time

Talk to you all soon!

Lots of Love, 


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