8:16 PM

Hello Bookworms!

I am back and ready to go, full steam ahead. Now that school is quickly approaching, I feel myself more motivated to make a schedule and stick to it, which means more consistent posts!

I'll go into more detail in another post explaining the details of what me going back to school will mean for this blog. But for now, sit back, grab a cup of tea or coffee and read some very long overdue weekly wisdoms.

1. "Hope can be paralyzing" -Criminal Minds

2. Count your blessings, be thankful, then count again

3. It's okay to need someone, don't let others tell you otherwise

4. Crossing that last task off of your list gives an incredible feeling of accomplishment

5. " Family is a haven in a heartless world " - Criminal Minds

6. Emotions are a roller coaster, so enjoy the highs and endure the lows, because nothing lasts forever

7. Time flies when you are enjoying your company

8. Whatever you are dealing with, you will get through it, just give it some time

9. Forgiveness is not an a given just because you are sorry, it is earned based on your sincerity

10.  "Missing someone is your hearts way of reminding you that you love them" - One Tree Hill

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I will talk to you all really soon.

Lots of Love,

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