11:51 AM

Video update!

So the haul video is filmed (yay) however, for some reason, when I uploaded the footage into iMovie, it cuts out after the first 12 seconds, I don't know if it need time to buffer and load, but for now, I can't edit. I have never used iMovie before, I have only sued Final Cut Pro and that was at school.

So until I get this sorted out, the video is on hold, BUT I will attempt to film a favorites video that doesn't need to be edited (I'm feeling ambitious) so I can just upload to iMovie and export to youtube. I'll keep you all updated. For those of you that have stuck with me, THANK YOU!!!!! I wish I could give you all a huge hug and personally say thank you.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday, you made it!

Lots of Love,


P.S. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great and much appreciated

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