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Hello Bookworms

It is time for the first 'Photo Find" on this blog. A few days ago I posted a photo from Debby Ryan's Instagram. Here is the picture a little larger than the original below for those who may not have viewed the last post.

Here are the objects I was able to find

2. MAC lipstick, though I'm not sure the exact color
3. Great Lash Clear Mascara
4. Bath and Body Works Istanbul Candle- I have one in my room and it smells incredible
5. Revlon Nail art- these appear to be the old colors and are no longer available 
6. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner- pictured in color glamrock
7. Urban Decay shadow- not sure what shade, though from the picture it appears to be a purple shade, it appears to be Asphyxia   
8. It's from Youngblood cosmetics, and it looks to be their lunar powder, which Debby has mentioned that she loves using, in past interviews. It appears to be in either sunset or dusk, which are the darker of the three available colors.
9. Citre Shine Shine Mist- found here on overstock 
10.Real Techniques Bold Metals brush - 101 triangle foundation brush 
11. Bath and Body Works- Velvet Sugar body mist
13. B-12, can be found at any local drugstore, Walmart, Target etc. 
14. Peter Pan Collar- not sure the exact brand but check out Etsy for some cool collars  
15.  The sunglasses seem to be the Twiggy Sunglasses in white from Wildfox Couture 
The only object I could not find is what appears to be the sunglasses case, I know there is a similar one at H&M, but I believe it is in stores only

I hope everyone enjoyed this! If there is anything you believed I miss labeled, or you liked this  please let me know by emailing me at bookwormwithstyle13@gmail.com or leaving a comment. Thank You for reading!

Lots of Love, Catherine 

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