3:26 PM

Hello bookworms! I have a few updates for you and thought I would let you know what has been going on in my 10 days vacation from here.

For the video update, I was able to film but for some reason, editing didn't go was well as planned so I will have to work on learning iMovie better in order to film some upcoming videos for you guys. That being said, there will be videos, I am planning on getting a monthly favorites and an empties video filmed and hopefully uploaded.

But until then, I have a few wisdoms to share with you

1. You only have one chance to say certain things, so choose your words carefully

2. You can be afraid, but that does not make you a coward

3. The butterflies in your stomach feeling will never be something I think you will ever get used to

4. Waking up to a message is a guaranteed way to start your day with a smile

Hope everyone is enjoying their week.

I have a new weekly posting I want to do and would like to know if anyone would like it. I will make a separate post about it so it gets the attention it deserves. Stay tuned.

Lots of Love,


Want to talk to me? e email me at bookwormwithstyle13@gmail.com with any comments, questions or suggestions you may have. I would love to talk to all of the wonderful people who come and read this blog.

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