2:40 PM

Hello Bookworms, I am feeling good and want to post a few more things today to make up for the lack of posts this past few weeks. I feel like I'm on a roll. So this post will be weekly wisdoms, but I've decided to include quotes that have stuck out to me over the course of a week. Hope you like the additions!

1. It's not always the 'doing something' that is hard, its the getting started that can be hard. Just one step forward is one step closer to the goal, once you start, the only thing stopping you is, well, you.

2. Try not to overthink, it will drive you crazy and can create situations that probably don;t even exist, you'll make mountains out of mole hills.

3. "Fill your capacity to care"

4. "Nothing is permanent, not even our troubles," Charlie Chaplin

5. Never take the people you see everyday for granted

Let me know what quotes stood out to you this week at bookwormwithstyle13@gmail.com

Lots of Love,


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