9:47 AM

Good morning bookworms!

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, and enjoyed your 4th of July celebrations. I have a few wisdoms to share with you and a little bit of news as well.

Lets start with the news first, I know I said I would film and get a video up but the footage didn't come out to my liking so I never posted, BUT I found a better camera I can use (yay!) and will attempt to re-film the videos I promised and also attempt to film a June favorites. Hopefully if I can find the motivation I will film today and edit, and upload tomorrow.

Now that the news bit is over, how about some Weekly Wisdoms,

1. It's nice to capture the moment with pictures, but don't forget to experience the moment, and not just through a camera screen

2. Sometimes all you need is sand,sun, beach, music and your best friend

3. Some people just know when you need to hear from them, like they are you own guardian angel

4. Time heals wounds, so you must trust time to run its course and just be a little patient

5. It isn't always what you say that can upset somebody, but how you say it

6. Regular is not a flavor, so when I ask what flavor you want, don't get annoyed when I ask again and list the flavors we have for the second time

Hope everyone is enjoying their week, and for those of you that are just waiting for the weekend, just one more day! Talk to you all soon.

Lots of Love,


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