2:27 PM

Good Afternoon Bookworms,

I thought I would let you know all about this new weekly posting I would like to do. I'm sure it's not just me who loves to open Instagram and scroll through their feed and fall in love with a breathtaking landscape, or two best friends enjoying a weekend at the shore, or a wonderful assortment of beauty products that just happen to 'fall' in a picturesque way.  It is the last one that I find myself more drawn to than the others, though breathtaking scenery as made me compile a list of places to visit.

I have always loved to take screen shots of the pictures I like and then try to find the products later. I know that there are other people who turn to the comments to see if anyone knows that products posted in the picture, so I decided I would do just that, and post them here to share with you guys.

It will be at least once and week and it's almost like you can shop the picture. I will also post the original picture and the products I manage to find on my polyvore account, which allows its users to create sets with picture that will send you to places that you can buy the pictures. I will have the link down below.

The first picture I will shop for you all is by the lovely Debby Ryan, known for her affinity for hair dye and her Disney turned rocker switch into the music scene. She is a part of a three piece band called The Never Ending. Having always been obsessed with her instagram pictures, I am very excited to have this as the first picture. Here is a look at the picture I will be 'shopping'

Lots of Love, 


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