11:17 PM

Hello Bookworms!

I know that it's late, at least for me, but I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow I am determined to film and hopefully upload a video for you all. I was thinking of a small introduction to, well, me followed by either a haul or empties video, I'll have to see which one I feel like tomorrow.

A fair warning, it won't be super high quality, as I do not own a nice filming camera, I will be using an iPad to film and either trying to film everything in one fail swoop or using Imovie to edit as again, I'm a college student and wants everyone to create a channel with useful information, encourage other boys and girls to share their interest without thinking they need to have phenomenal video quality and outstanding editing techniques. Hopefully, if enough people take some interest, I will consider saving some money to invest in nicer equipment, but until then, I'm working with what I have.

O and just an additional last minute note, I have always wanted to try glossier products, and with the release of their new product, the coconut balm dotcom, they are giving anyone who wants to sign up with their email an opportunity to win prizes.

So for me, here is the link that helps me earn tally marks towards prizer, and it helps you too,  you can also win, so pretty please with rainbow sprinkles on top, click this link and help me out. http://smellslikevacation.glossier.com/p/f6ef2fe116f1a99f19ba9e21222e073b

Thank you all and lots of love,


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