10:27 AM

Happy Sunday Bookworms. Hope everyone has had a good weekend and will continue to enjoy the day. Here are a few wisdoms to read to while you drink your coffee and enjoy your morning.

1. Getting your first paycheck is one of the greatest feelings of accomplishments ever

2. You can never love too much, if someone says you do, find someone who wants every ounce of your love

3. It's the dumb conversations that you remember, the ones that stick in your brain

4. Dreams do come true, you just need time, patience and a little faith

5. Sometimes you loose a fight with a sink, and you slip on water, and you have to close all by your self at work, but the bad can only last for so long

6. Friends have your back, no matter how trivial you think the matter may be.

Have a wonderful Sunday and hope to talk to you all really soon.

Lots of Love,


Ask me any questions or just want to chate, reach me at bookwormwithstyle13@gmail.com

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