5:16 PM

Hello bookworms! I have some news!

While I have about seven different ideas running through my head for a blog post, none of them are going to be this one, but I pinky promise that I will have another post up tonight.

While I was doing my daily Youtube binge, I realized that I am connected to the most popular social networks except one, Twitter.

So I have created a twitter account for all of you wonderful people to follow. Unfortunately, because of character restrictions, I had to tweak my username to bookworminstyle, which bummed me out a bit, but what can you do? So go on over to Twitter now and say hello, what you would like to see from me now that I have more free time or just tell me about you. I want to get to know some of the people who click on my blog and read my post ( no matter how inconsistent they have been recently)

That is all for now, now I can start on that post I promised.

Lots of Love,

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