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Good Evening Bookworms!

Here are this weeks 'Wednesday Wisdoms", and since I have started working, my posting has not been consistent, so I will post these wisdoms towards the end of the week, probably Thursday or Friday night and just call them Weekly wisdoms. So here they are

1. When ordering anything at a food counter, please put your phone away, instead of saying hold on, and then text for the next 5 minutes, its rude, to put it nicely

2. Better late than never, while an old cliche, is very true, remember that before you get mad at someone for being/ doing something late

3. Emotional attachments to fictional characters is completely normal

4. Tips, even if it is just a few cents, is greatly appreciated ( and those cents add up quickly)

5. Time is precious, so spend it with those who will jump through hoops to just spend a few hours or even minutes with you

6. Missing someone is just a reminder that you love them

7. Friends are the ones who ask for a bit of your food, best friends are the ones who help themselves to the food off of your plate or the drink in your hand and help themselves

Enjoy your Memorial day weekend to those of you in the States. Get some sun for me!

Lots of Love,


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