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As promised Bookworms, I have another post for you all.

As a fellow college student who is in a never ending battle of wanting her makeup to look flawless and effortless, I also don't have a lot (practically none) disposable income to spend on makeup or lessons to give the desired look. While Youtube is a haven for everything makeup these days, from finding your skins undertone to applying the perfect red lipstick, a tutorial can only help so much. I need someone telling me what to do and seeing/verifying that I am doing whatever it is, correctly. Lucky for all of you, I found a couple of ways to help, and it won't break the bank, and it can require a little to a lot of your time.

While walking around the little strip mall neat my house, I found myself, like every other beauty addict/junkie, walking into a makeup store, this one happened to be Bluemercury. While browsing the shelves I found a flier about upcoming make up events they were having. While reading I noticed that the events are welcome to whoever is available, all you have to do is call and make an appointment as there are limited seats.  It's that simple, and there are events from Bobbi Brown, to Laura Mercier to Nars; and all events have makeup artists trained by the respected company who run these events and are familiar with the products. A free makeup lesson by trained makeup artists, sign me up!

Don't have a Bluemercury near you, not to worry.

I am sure everyone knows about the Sephora Beauty Insider/ VIB Rouge memberships. But did you know that with both those status, yes both, not just the Rouge, that you can sign up for classes taught by trained Sephora employees. I have seen classes from how to contour to how to wear a bright lip color for you skin tone and everything in between. You can go online, find the Sephora near you, sign up, and perfect your makeup skills, no schooling or money required.

And our final option- good old makeup counters
While I won't go through each makeup brand that offers these services, I know that various brands at their counters, such as Bobbi Brown, in large department stores, such as Bloomingdale's or Nordstroms, offer classes ranging from 10 minutes to I believe 30 mins, that are free of cost last time I checked. I think MAC also offers these, however, I think that depending on what the class is, there may be a cost, correct me if I'm wrong.

 I hope these could help some of you who, like me, sometimes need a little more than a tutorial on Youtube to master the perfect contour or cat flick. If you have any more information on brands that offer tutorials to there customers, let me know by emailing me at: bookwormwithstyle13@gmail.com, or just send an e-mail to say hello! Good night and talk to all of you very soon.

Lots of Love,

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