7:06 PM

Ok, so I was bad last week, but in my defense, it is the last two weeks of the semester,  so as an apology, I have a lot of words of wisdom for you this week. Let's begin!

Wednesday Wisdoms

1.  A phone call means more than a text, no matter what the message is

2. Boys will always be confusing

3. Guys are genuinely scared of spiders ( trust me on this one)

4. There will be some things you will never understand and that is ok

5. The end of the semester is bittersweet, so enjoy every minute of it

6. Online math homework is never a good idea

7. Spring fever is a very real sickness

8. "You never lose, you either win, or learn"- Anonymous

9. Waiting to hear back from someone about something important is one of the most stressful things

10. Getting concert tickets, no matter how many concerts you have been to, will always be exciting

11. When doing economics homework, you need at least a dozen different colored pens

12. Reading an economics textbook is a great way to get yourself to fall asleep in under 2 minutes

13. Hearing the words I miss you is one of the best phrases to hear

14. Crossing tasks off a to-do list gives you a great sense of accomplishment- try it and see what you can get done

Good luck to everyone during their last week or so at college/university. Talk to you all very soon.

Lots of love,

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