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Hello Bookworms,

I cannot believe it is April! And with a new month means a monthly favorites. The past few months I have had favorites written down to post, but by the time I got to actually writing up the post, it was already two weeks into the following month and I just said to myself, just wait for next month.

Starting now, there will be no more, 'just wait for next month', I will keep on top of updating.

I apologize in advanced for no photos of my favorites as I left them at school when I came home for Easter Break.

March Favorites 

1. Bare Minerals Matte Foundation

I will be honest, I was not expecting to like this, but on a whim, I walked into one of the free standing stores and asked them to match me for a foundation shade. I have combination skin, so it's very oily in spots and extremely dry in others. For me personally, with a primer, it works pretty well, but only for a very light coverage. I find it works best for my skin to use this to touch up my foundation throughout the day. In a simple phrase, it gets my stamp of approval. 

2.  Clinique Super Primer 

I got this as a sample from Sephora and was super excited when I got it as I have been a Clinique lover since my mom would let me use the makeup she would get with purchase ( the ones that always came with the really cool and colorful bags) This is a white primer, but they do make one targeted for particular areas of concern. Wile this does not work very well with mineral makeup, it works extremely well with any kind of liquid foundation. I have to use for a little bit longer to see if getting the full size is worth it.

3. Gerard Cosmetics

 I ordered a lipstick and lipgloss awhile ago from Gerard Cosmetics, and after a small delay and a wonderful lady who works in there customer service area, I finally received my makeup. I am in love with their lipstick, the formula is on the matte side, so once they are one, they will not move. The lipgloss, I got the shade in buttercream, and while it is gorgeous, it just doesn't wow me. Its pigmented but it's quite thick, and for me at least, it leaves little pieces of 'stuff' on my lip. A great brand overall, just not sold on their lip glosses.

4. Organix Keratin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

The winter months and weather have wreaked havoc on my hair and these two products saved my hair from the dry weather, put moisture back in and overall, gives life back into my hair. I love the smell, yet I'm not too sure how to describe it. Its a warm smell, yet there is something else about it that appeals to me. If your hair is in need of some moisture, try this one out, its cheep, can be found at the drugstore and works wonderfully.

5. Lush Mask of Magnaminty -

I have had acne since I was in the 7th grade, and have been going to a dermatologist since I was a sophomore in high school, needless to say, I have had my fair share or acne and red spots. This mask is amazing for drawing out the gunk in your face and calming the skin. A bonus for me is it combates the ridiculous amount of oil in my face and smells like a giant bottle of peppermint oil.

6. Youtubers -

I have loved watch Dacey Hapa on youtube. She is stunning, funny, intriguing, and incredibly talented. If you find yourself surfing the web while on a study break, go look her up and explore her channel!

I have also loved watching Samantha from Batalash. She is 100% real all the time, gorgeous and can pull off every look she ever wears, from silver hair to her 'talons' as she calls them. Again, take a look at her on Youtube during your next study break.

That is all I have for March Favorites, I will hopefully get weekly Wednesdays up sometime today. But until then, enjoy your day.

Lots of Love,


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