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Good Morning Bookworms!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. If you are lucky, it is sunny and starting to warm up outside, and hopefully this is the final farewell to winter until next year. I don't know about any of you but this dreary weather is getting a bit depressing. 

I thought I would blog while I wait for my laundry to be done, since it is the first time in awhile I am not running in multiple directions to get stuff done before the day ends. 

As much as I would love to go on and on about the world of beauty and all it has to offer( all wonderful things, ) not is not the only reason I made this blog. While beauty is what I am interested in, I am still a college student who has a schedule, deadlines and bumps along the way. I want to document this experience to help others that are in the same boat as me, or those that what to know what to expect when you get to this point in your life. So here are a few tips on this Sunday afternoon.     

Seniors in high school, PLEASE keep going and trying your hardest. Most of you have gotten most if not all of your letters from the colleges you applied to, so you have a pretty good idea where you will be going. If you have already committed, here is a little tidbit of information, colleges still want to see your last semester grades, to make sure you are still doing well. Just keep that in mind over the next few months. 

Juniors, now is the time to start thinking about letters of recommendation, (letters that colleges want from teachers you have had either in class or through organizations through school.) Most teachers have a limit on how many students they will accept, so go to those 2 teachers who you think would write an awesome recommendation and see what they would want from you in order to write the recommendation.   

Sophomores and Freshmen, just keep on going. Honestly, you still have at least a year before the craziness of college starts, though it never hurts to start early. The only thing I would suggest is think about what you may be interested in, in terms of what field you would want to go into. Talk to some upperclassmen with similar interests and see what classes they would suggest taking in order to further discover what you would want to do. 

That's all I have for today. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope to talk to all of you soon! 

Lots of Love,


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