10:59 PM

Wednesday Wisdoms

Here is this weeks installment of what I have learned. I thought this was a fun and cute way of putting it.

1. Technology is a wonderful tool to use...when it feels like working.

2. Being resilient is something to take pride in, remember that on your bad days

3. Wednesdays are now referred to as Pop Tart Wednesdays

4. Tests are not an accurate representation of your intelligence

5. Do large tasks in small increments, it makes the world of a difference

6. Day by day calendars make me look forward to each day

7. Retail therapy/window shopping is a great mood booster

8. Love yourself

9. Waiting is hard, and patience is importance but never wait so long that you forget why

10. You're RA's are there to help you, so never hesitate to ask questions and always appreciate them, they have a tough job ( Shout-out to my wonderful RA Avalon)

11. Hand written notes are a true sign of appreciation, it takes a more time and though to write one than you think

12. It will get harder before it gets easier

13. You are your own worst enemy and your own worst critic

Hope some of these wisdom's you can use for your own benefit. Is there anything you learned this week?  I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, you are almost to the end!

Lots of Love,


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