10:15 PM

This weeks installment of Wednesday Wisdoms

1. Never say you won't do something, give everything a chance, you may surprise yourself with what you learn

2. Hugs are magical

3. Dream big, always

4. No one will ever love you quite like your family loves you

5. Good friends are there for you, no matter what

6. You will always know the lyrics to the songs and words to the books you enjoyed and loved as a child, no matter how old you get,

7. Everyone loves Shrek ( which is such an underrated movie, in my opinion)

8. Always be nice to customer service representatives

9. Persistence pays off

10. Time to yourself, while doing absolutely nothing is the best way to relax sometimes

11. No matter how long you stare at your computer screen, the paper really won't write itself,

12. It's always the little things

13. Asking help from others is not a sign of weakness or lack of knowledge, but a sign of strength to say you need help and are brave enough to ask for it

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. For me, I only have two more days till Spring Break, which means there may be more updates and even a few other surprised along the way. Who knows?

Lots of Love,


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