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Good Morning/Afternoon Bookworms,

I hope everyone is doing well this Saturday morning.
I have been absent for a few days because, well, college. Now the second semester is in full swing, so is the course work and to say its a lot is an understatement. I had two exams this past week and two this upcoming week, but I figured I would take a break to update you.

I have found a few things to help me get through the past few weeks and hope these help you too. There will not be pictures ( I am trying to get this up quickly for all of you, if I have time later I will have a follow up post including pic) and I will include a brief description of everything mentioned.

Consider these my January Favorites, ( these are late, I know)

1. Fit Bit
   I received a Fit Bit as part of my christmas present and I love it. I have the Fit Bit Flex which is not the most basic model, but the one right below the basic. It automatically tracks my steps throughout the day, how many miles walked and a estimate of calories burned. Manually I can, through the app that can be downloaded from the App Store, log in the food I have eaten for the day, track my sleep and set goal for myself to set. It's a wonderful gadget to have, especially if you are dead set on keeping your New Year's Resolution to stay in shape or just be mindful of what you are eating.

2. Your Tea- Tiny Tea 14 day detox
 This tea is, and I don't say this lightly, a wonder in a tea bag. It helps get rid of the toxins in your body and restores everything to normal, much like a juice cleanse without drinking green looking concoctions for three days straight.

3. Prada Candy Florale
    Another Christmas present, I absolutely love this perfume. It's very sweet smelling when yo first spray it, but after a minute or two, the top, very floral notes dissipate and the more mild scent of flowers and sweet smell of caramel. Not exactly a winter scent, but it sure cheers you up from the doom and gloom of winter.

4. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream
     Speaking of the doom and gloom of winter, my hands have been super dry to the point where they start cracking. Not a pretty sight. This hand cream is the only thing that heals them and the best part of this lotion, besides the fact that it was no smell, it's about $5-$6. Go get some if your hands are suffering

5. Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil
   To go along with the hand cream is this wonderful cuticle oil. While it may see redundant to use this, the cuticle tougher than the skin on your hand and for me at least needs a little extra something to keep them from cracking. One sweep on each finger and the cuticle in conjunction with the hand cream, and my hands are as good as new.

Moving on to the beauty section of these favorites

6. NYX Blush in Natural
  AA very underrated blush, this gives the perfect, just in from the cold flush pink tint to your cheeks. It's cheap, small, and matte, so its good for every day looks, especially the days you have 8 AM Chemistry lab, and need something that you can do without a lot of time or sleep.

7. Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer
   Speaking of a lack of sleep, this past month, especially this past week has had a few late nights. This concealer has done a good just of just making me look more awake and ready for the day, despite the want to crawl back into bed.

8. NYX Tea Tree Blotting Paper
   Despite it being winter, I have really oily skin and need to get rid of that shine halfway through the day. These are great at eliminating the shine without taking off any makeup. They take up no room in my bag and they are cheap.

Miscellaneous Favorites

9. YouTube
  Alright, some of you may be going, "Really, YouTube is one of your favorites?" And my answer is yes, it really is. It is one of my favorites sites, but not just for pleasure, I use YouTube a lot for academic purposes. ( Later, I will have a post on my favorite channels to watch if you need help in a particular subject or just want another resources to use.) And then, of course, during my breaks in-between homework and studying, I love watching beauty gurus/artists.  Essie Button (Estee Lalonde) , Jacyln Hill, Dana Marie and Meghan Rienks to just name a few.

10. Valentines Day Non Perils
  These may appear to be the most simple candy, but these have a serious addicting ingredient in them I swear. My friends and I do homework in the hallway of our dorm and love to have these are share them, so we all don't fell so guilty when we eat them. They are dark chocolate, so they have some health benefits( or so I tell myself)  We also get a good chuckle out of how pink they turn our tongues and teeth.

11. Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars
   I honestly do not watch any TV while I am at college. The only time I had the TV on was to Watch the State of the Union Address for my Microeconomics class. However, I watch these two shows online, when I have a spare hour for a break. I have watch every single episode of each season for each of the shows. For Supernatural, what's not to love, great music, an awesome, to die for car and brother's kicking butt ( and they just happen to be extremely attractive.) And for Pretty Little Liars, awesome style, unbreakable friendship, and somehow, despite everything the Liars have been trough, I can't help but want to one of them. ( My personal choice is Aria.)

So those are all of my favorites for January. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Also, what have you been loving this past month. Comment down below. See you all very soon.

Lots of Love,



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