12:04 PM

Ok so maybe my 'brilliant' idea of getting something done over break didn't go as planned. To begin this long story we will start with December, so when I got home,  Finals drained my brain and body so naturally, all I wanted to do was sleep. Then i wanted to see friends I haven't seen since August, ( to say it was an emotional roller-coaster is an understatement). Then I blinked and it was Christmas Eve, and I was going out to celebrate with my family Italian style, seven fishes and the fixings. Then we went right to New Year's which then went right to two days before I left to go back to college and I realized that this blog had gone untouched for roughly 2 months. So yes, I am terrible at keeping this up. BUT! My New Year's resolution ( beside doing well in school eating healthy and the usual resolutions) is to keep this updated on at least a weekly basis, most likely the weekends. So today starts the trend ( better late than never)

I will update a little bit later, after I read my micro economics and do some chemistry.

Much love,

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