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I hope everyone had a wonderful week, and if you are reading this saying 'No, Catherine I had a terrible week!' well at least smile, this week is over. Even if you have work, sports or other extra curricular activities, I hope you can at least sleep in for at least an hour or too.

 So I though I would do a weekly segment called, "This week I learned..." I'll share a few things that I have learned, both academically,socially and anything that falls in-between. So here is the first installment of This week I learned...

This week I learned...

1. Some professors don't care that Monday will be the day after the Super Bowl, they will give you an exam anyway.

2. Some people think chicken wings are disgusting

3. Intergration by parts and by partial fractions are not as bad as they first seemed.

4. I can actually say the above statement and mean it

5. If you are nice to people, they generally tend to be nice to you, if anything just smile, it makes a world of a difference ( not really something I learned, but it is something I was reminded of)

6. Sometimes you just can't explain circumstances as anything but fate

7. Bad things happen to good people ( This I was reminded of)

8. Life really can surprise you when you least expect it

9. You are never to old to just call your parents just to talk to them

10. If your college offers a tutoring service, sign up ( you do not need to be doing poorly in a class to want/ have a tutor)

That's all I can think for right now, I'll add later if I think of any more. I hope everyone enjoys this weekend, wether you are looking forward to watching the game of watching the commercials.

Lots of Love,

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