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Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well on this Monday morning. To all my east cost readers, I hope you all have enough blankets, batteries and warm sweaters with you, because the weather channel said you guys were going to be hit hard with snow, and in some places, blizzard like conditions.

This is actually why I am making this post currently. I rounded up some tips and warm weather gear to help you all through the next few days.

Snow essentials 

       1. Batteries- If you live in a dorm, do yourself a favor and, even if you have a generator, do grab a pack or two of batteries, just trust me on this one. 

      2. Now that you have batteries, make sure you have any and all flashlights in places you can easily get to ( that does not mean on the top shelf of your closet, where you think the flashlight  may be) 

3. Charge everything, phone, laptop, tablet etc. The most important thing, don't just plug it in and then unplug it when it has a full charge, leave if charging so if/when the power goes out, it is 100% charged. You don't know how long you may be without power. 

4. Keep checking your school email/ phone to make sure you are receiving any and all updates from the college as to class cancelation or college closings. 

5. Speaking of checking your email/phone, check any websites that you may have homework on, print anything that you may need to read or complete so if the power does go out, you have it with you if you want to get it done. 

6. DO NOT, under any circumstances, go outside without a heavy winter jacket. I don't care if it is to just walk to the dining hall, and I have 2 reasons for this. Number one; it is below freezing outside and frost bite or even wind burn can develop quickly, especially if there are high winds. And reason number two; it is flu season, don't make your body an open target by allowing yourself to catch a cold, which can waken your immune system and makes it easier to catch the flu.

So, all of that being said, stay safe and stay warm. More to come soon. 

Lots of Love, 


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