Sunday, October 16, 2016

Happy Sunday Afternoon Bookworms!

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice fall weather as much as I am. Despite my horrific allergies, I have always loved the fall, and it's in part to my love/borderline obsession for Halloween. I have loved the Nightmare Before Christmas since I was allowed to watch it and have decided Sally is the only doll I will EVER like, needless to say, I wanted/want to be Queen of the Pumpkin patch, with a dog named Zero.  I have had a crazy busy weekend and just wanted to share something important lessons with you all, especially from a college student perspective. 

Lesson's learned:

1. Having a sewing kit and knowing how to sew is something everyone should know how to do. It has saved my life, and my friends lives so many times, and its so simple to learn how to do a simple stitch. Trust me, next time you rip your favorite shirt, you'll be happy that you can swoop in to save the day. 

2. Don't let the illusion of an easy week let you slip into the idea that a lack of work indicated that you have nothing to do the following week. Last week I had two days of classes due to Fall Break and the Jewish holiday. I had almost nothing to hand it/ do/ study for and I thought that it meant I was in the clear for this upcoming week. Boy was I wrong; so please, learn form my mistake and always look ahead, even if you don't think you need to. 

3. We are all human and we all make mistakes. For me- I feel like there isn't much else to say, its quite simple, remember that everyone is entitled to bad days, yourself included. 

4. The real test of self control is walking in Bath and Body Works when there is a $5 promotion going on, and resisting buying everything in sight. What tests you even more is when they just released their winter scents. - My words to the wise- proceed with caution and without a credit card 

Now that I have rambled, I will apologize yet again for the lack of posts. I have something planned for this Thursday to make up for it. Until then, enjoy the month of Halloween. 

Lots of love,

Your Pumpkin Queen, Catherine

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy Sunday Bookworms

Happy Sunday Morning Bookworms,

I hope everyone has finally settled into their routine now that school as started for everyone.
I am finally back at school and reunited with me friends and as happy as ever. I hope everyone reading this feels the same way. I am currently sitting at my relatively clean desk waiting for my roommates to wake up so that we can all make pancakes and eat together, our favorite tradition so far.

I have been trying to write something for about 3 weeks now but school hit hard and fast and I was just focused on keep myself with two feet firmly on the ground. Mt schedule is still crazy, but I have finally found that balance between school work, free time and my other activities.

So here is my promise to you for this new, bright and unmarked school year. I will post on Sunday's and have all intentions of filming a video on Thursday ( nothing fancy, just using my laptop camera) I've wanted to film for so long and decided that if I keep waiting for the right time, there will never be one, so you make one.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Lots of Love,


contact me @ with any questions comments or suggestiosn, and follow me on instagram at bookwormwithstyle

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spring Cleaning- Makeup Edition

Good Afternoon Bookworms!

I have survived the semester and have seen the light on the other side. And with that light, I saw the desperate need to clean everything when I got home and was met with the horror of the amount of stuff I had accumulated in a year at school.

I, with a little shame, had two full bags full of makeup, skincare, haircare and beauty accessories. I sat down and dumped everything out and began sorting it all out. I had the products I used on daily or weekly basis. Then I had the products that I had been given to try, and products I only use for special occasions ( like my bright red Ruby Woo lipstick) and then I had a pile of stuff I rarely used or barely used.  This got me thinking when I realized I had a tone of amazing products that I had forgotten about and needed to explore them again. With this got me thinking about a no buy summer for makeup products, unless I and replacing something I use on a regular and frequent basis.

So I propose the same challenge to my followers. I challenge you to go through the rest of the spring and or summer and not buy any makeup, and in return, share some forgotten makeup items you have rediscovered. Think of it as shopping at Casa de you, just without hurting your bank account. I want to see what you have rediscovered, so tag me in a picture on instagram with the products you have rediscovered and use the hastag #bookwormwithstyle and I'll check out what you have be loving again.

Thanks for reading! I have more posts for you to come!

Lots of Love,


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Real talk
My consistency with posting has been spotty at best and this post is dedicated to explain that. In the past I have said that school got busy or that there was some other thing that came up, but this time, it was much more than that. It was school, and friends and family and just life that got in the way.
            Sometimes you get to the point where you need to take a step back and reevaluate why you are doing what you are doing and if it’s what you really want. But most importantly, you need to think about if it makes you happy.
College, looking past the glossy pages of the admission catalogues and picturesque Instagram pictures of people laughing is only a very small part of the picure. What the photos don’t show are the harsh realities that every college student faces.
The reality of it is the long nights, with your head in your hands trying to calm yourself down over the amount of work you have, reminding yourself to eat and when you do eat, eating everything in sight, dragging your butt out of bed to go to class, arguing with friends because everyone’s patience is running thin, and struggling through a class that has you questioning your career path, and breaking down at the thought of not knowing what to do.
            This post isn’t to enlighten everyone on what happens in college, it’s to let you know that because it does happen, its ok to not know what you want to do with your life. It’s ok to change your major, even when you were hell bent on being a Chemistry major and realizing that maybe, it’s not what you expected it to be. It’s ok to not be ok, and to not know what your next move is. What’s not ok is to fall into the pit and stay there, you need to pick yourself up, regroup and turn to the people you want to help you through this and want you to succeed.
            For me, these past few months have been about falling apart and putting myself back together, into a stronger and better person. One who is excited to go to her classes instead of dreading ever hour of the day and praying I get through the day and repeating the process all over again when the sun comes up. That is what this blog is dedicated to, its for everyone who has fallen apart and needs some help, for those who have put themselves back together and want confirmation that someone else knows how they feel, and its for those anywhere in-between. This space is for you all to escape for just a little bit, to give yourself the emotional, mental and at times physical break that it needs in order to keep going.
Please share this so that people know they aren't alone, so that people can understand they have a friend through all of this.

          If you ever have a question, concern or comment, feel free to comment down below or email me at Feel free to follow me on social media and see my life, picturesque photos not included, only 100% authentic and real photos permitted.

Lots of Love Always, 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hello Bookworms,

It has been about 2 months since I've written to you guys and I apologize for that.

The reason is that in college, you will have those months where its a never ending snow ball of stuff to do, from exams, to homework to seeing your friends and family and the silly things like showering and eating. Throw in a Spring Break and Midterms and you wind up with a two month absence and a moment of realization that it has indeed been two full months of silence.

So, that is my reason for being quite, but that was part of my point of the this blog to begin with, I want to talk to people who are going through college and have jam-packed schedules. But I'm back now and ready to talk to you all for a bit.

I received 2 new VoxBoxes, so I have some reviews for you guys once I get a little more time to use the products. One was from L'oreal and another was from Maybelline.

I also have a few words of wisdom to share with you.

1. Acceptance is a form of strength

2. Love is a weapon, its as dangerous and persuasive as magic

3. Never loose your sense of adventure, wonder and belief in magic 

4. It's ok to miss someone, it's your hearts way of reminding you that you have the capacity to care, the capacity to be human

5. Every storm cloud has a silver lining

6. Music can heal what cannot be mended with medicine 

It was nice to be able to log back on after what feels like an eternity. I will be back real soon with more updates. Until then, Happy Spring and hope for warmer weather, spring showers and flowers. 

Lots of Love,


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hello Everyone

Hello Bookworms,

I am back at school and have almost survived my first week of the Spring Semester. I have a few blog posts lined up, but those will be up in between my classes and homework. That being said, the videos will be on hold for awhile unless I get a large chunk of time that allows me to film and upload. I however, will have time at least once a week, probably on the weekend to post.

Let me know what you guys think, whoever my few loyal readers are. Thanks for sticking with me. Until then, have a good weekend, and for those on the east coast, Stay warm, stock up on food and make the most of the impending storm that is coming.

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year Bookworms!

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years celebrations and is looking forward to the start of a new year. I know I'm definitely looking forward to the new year, with hopes of establishing this blog and all its components.

I am currently sitting in my family room watching Psyche brainstorming what I want to do a post/video on first. I am thinking of doing a Winter Favorites first and then a semester Empties from the first semester of school.

I will film them hopefully today and have it uploaded tomorrow afternoon.  Just bear with me, I'm still trying to establish a regular schedule.

Thank you to those who have stuck with me and have been patient as I managed to collect everything and get it together.

Lots of Love,